Our stoneware crockery is a great all-rounder in terms of quality and durability. The stoneware is made with compounds of natural clay fired at a high temperature, and is coloured with glazes based on natural pigments.

The pieces are not only dishwasher and microwave safe, but can also be used in the oven!

The designs complement all sorts of interiors styles, whether rustic, more modern or conventional.

We highly recommend this collection for the hospitality industry.


Our collections

Majorcan 'Llengües'
Majorcan ‘Llengües’
The Mallorcan ‘llengües’ collection is inspired by the traditional Mallorcan cloth of the same name, also called, ‘Tela de lenguas’ (literally, ‘cloth of tongues’). Its origins are believed to be oriental due to its similarity to the Asian ikat fabric…
Traditional coloured or terracotta pottery
Traditional coloured or terracotta pottery
The traditional Majorcan version adds an energetic dose of colour. We have brought a new dimension to the traditional rustic brown clay tableware, giving it different colours and thus altering its uniformity…
Ideal for turquoise lovers. This collection has been our star product over recent years when it comes to putting together a dinner service. It recalls the crystal-clear waters of our island
Special pieces
Special pieces
This is where our innovative spirit can be best appreciated. Nowadays we not only have the casserole dishes of our beginnings, but also tableware and other kitchen, bathroom and home decor items…
Splashes, stripes, brushstrokes ...
Splashes, stripes, brushstrokes …
White ceramic allows for many decorations. Here we recreate brushstrokes, drawing lines, circles, waves, splashes… or simply bordering a piece with a colour …